The Problem - Returns. From those early days of catalogues to the present, one part of it has surely remained consistent - costing online clothing sales up to 40% of its gross annual sales - a truly staggering amount. Returns.

And retailers know all the costs that go with returns. On the outbound end - picking, packaging, shipping, transaction processing – then, the inbound end – customer service inquiries, courier charges, receiving, checking, inspection, restocking, transaction processing, markdowns, write-downs, disposals. There is no greater drag on profitability than returns. Period.

There is a recognized, industry-wide assortment of known factors why the return rate is so high – after all, Customers who cannot see & touch clothing, and try it on in a real life setting are to varying degrees forced to guess about some of the key attributes of their purchase; principally fabrics, colour and fit. Their uncertainty translates directly into some amount of risk on their part and often they are disappointed. Some try again and succeed, some try again and fail, and some never try again at all.